Managing Supply Chain Challenges with Agility

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Desperate Times Call for Smart Measures

Headlines like those in the article above highlight how supply chains are experiencing challenges not seen since ’09.  In the face of this, we have been excited in our work with customers to leverage the agility of our AIMSCO eChecksheet platform to manage tough problems in supplier, production, and shipping management. 

Join us for an online lunch break to see firsthand some of the innovative methods deployed in partnership with our clients to stay one step ahead in critical management areas. 

Use the form below to sign up for one of the available slots starting July 6.

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Better, Smarter and Faster‑Than‑Paper

Virtual Product Tour

AIMSCO clients have won multiple awards, including IndustryWeek Plant of the Year. Join us for a virtual product tour to learn how AIMSCO can help you achieve world-class results.

Dashboards and Scorecards Virtual Workshop

Learn how to enable embedded dashboards, displays, alerts, and scorecards that provide users from shop floor to top floor with real-time access to critical decision-making tools. Minimal IT resources are needed to get up and running, often just a network connection and computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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