AIMSCO eCheckitemsTM

AIMSCO eCheckitems™ (eCI™) are the building blocks for eCS™ creation and continuous improvement initiatives.

eCI are drawn from an extensive reusable library. Highly configurable by key users to meet specific requirements, eCI are deployed in eCS to provide tailored data capture at point-of-use. These power an infinitely diverse range of data collection and operational scenarios.

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eCheckitem's expansive and reusable library contains eCI types to build out eCS with no-code ease.  

eCI Types and Capabilities

  • Pass / Fail: Defect Codes / Cause / Part / Severity /… with Repair / Sign-Off.
  • IQMap™: Visual defect heat maps with Pass/Fail coding, Repair / Sign-Off flows.
  • Variables / Traceability: Numeric with Validation, Picklist / Free Form.
  • Groups / Sequencers: Separate checks, control / time sequenced operations.
  • Run Timer / Player: Track run / down time to multiple levels, equipment / module.
  • Material Tracking: Produce / Consume material, NCM / Disposition.
  • Specifications: Display-only check item with rich contents, graphics, links.
  • Comments: Free form input, ability to embed photos, attach files.
  • Date Picker: Select a date from calendar.
  • User Picker:  Select a user from within specified groups.
  • Report: Display user-definable interactive reports within a checksheet.
AIMSCO eCheckitem™ type selector.
AIMSCO eCheckitems™ configuration.
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