AIMSCO Power PlantTM

AIMSCO Power Plant™ Analytics, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning

AIMSCO Power Plant™ leverages Microsoft Power BI to provide unparalleled insight of the comprehensive AIMSCO datastore. Power Plant delivers flexible methods for creating, embedding and sharing quality process and operational analytics. Power Plant enables organizations to use machine learning to find optimal settings based on AIMSCO collected site data.

AIMSCO Power Plant Services™

  • AIMSCO Power Space™ – Optimized data model with comprehensive standard reports, refreshed regularly for ad-hoc analysis.
  • AIMSCO Power Publisher™ – Open access to customize and create new Power Space reports.
  • AIMSCO Power Portal™ – Provide embedded access to view Power BI reports from within the AIMSCO application.
  • AIMSCO Power Viewer™ – Provide access to view Power BI reports from the Microsoft Power Service site.
  • AIMSCO Power Server™ – Provide access to the Power Space data model for clients with on-premises Power BI Report Server.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • AIMSCO Report Builder™ supports integration with Microsoft SSRS for key users to create, customize, embed and distribute reports developed with Microsoft Report Builder™ and other supported reporting tools.
  • AIMSCO Report Manager™ supports access for key users to manage SSRS reports, report folders, subscriptions and linked reports.
  • AIMSCO Report Gateway™ supports replicated reporting databases for offline analytics.
AIMSCO Power Plant™ Process Flow Diagram.
AIMSCO Power Plant™ IQMap™
AIMSCO Power Plant™ OEE Report.
AIMSCO Power Plant™ IoT Report.
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