AIMSCO is committed to supporting our client’s digital transformation to paperless continuous improvement processes.

AIMSCO is a leading provider of cloud-based check sheets supporting the operational and analysis needs of industrial and manufacturing organizations of all sizes. AIMSCO is deployed globally with thousands of users at sites in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. With proven payback in weeks to months, AIMSCO clients are known for innovation and have won multiple awards, including IndustryWeek Plant of the Year.

AIMSCO’s eChecksheets™ platform provides no-code tools for managing all aspects of production operations, process management, industrial monitoring, and quality control. Data collection is streamlined through intuitive browser-based operator interfaces, with Web service-based integration to ERP, industrial IoT hubs, and plant equipment available. Embedded dashboards, displays, alerts, and scorecards provide users from shop floor to top floor with real-time access to critical decision-making tools. Minimal IT resources are needed to get up and running, often just a network connection and computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Key Benefits

AIMSCO clients typically realize benefits in one or more of the five key areas listed below:

  1. Improved visibility and insight to performance of the complete process.
  2. Improved cost performance from quality and compliance improvement, higher efficiency.
  3. Improved throughput by improved quality, compliance, productivity, and efficiency.
  4. Improved sales from better delivery, compliance responsiveness and quality recognition.
  5. Decreased cost of ownership through no-code setup and reporting with a minimal IT footprint
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