AIMSCO IntegratorTM

AIMSCO Integrator™ is a comprehensive offering of API’s, web hooks and automation agents that enable organizations to connect their AIMSCO implementation with equipment, devices and enterprise applications. To support a variety of application needs, Integrator interfaces handle both uni- and bi-directional data exchange. Leveraging an open architecture and industry standards, Integrator ensures AIMSCO clients have full access to an actionable repository of operations and quality results.

Integration API's

  • REST Web Services
  • Command Line Interfaces
  • JavaScript
  • Web Hooks

Automation Agents

  • Collectors 
  •    Connectors  
  •    Controllers 

Integration API's

REST – Provided through our API Portal with thorough documentation and self-testing features, the AIMSCO REST Web Services API supports comprehensive managed secure access. Bidirectional exchange gives read visibility to eCS definitions and historical data as well as the ability to write diverse result types to our repository. Applications include ERP connection, custom equipment data collection and external systems integration.

CLI – AIMSCO’s command line API supports import of serial numbers, orders and order options details as well as process model data to our repository for easy integration with ERP.
JAVASCRIPT – AIMSCO’s JavaScript API supports browser-based navigation into eCS for inspection, production operations, structured problem solving, display of standard and custom reports.
WEBHOOKS – AIMSCO eCI provides a Web Service Hook API to set default values and take actions on save. Applications include direct real-time equipment data capture into a check item, complex computed eCI and direct transfer of saved eCI results to external systems such as ERP.

Automation Agents

Three types of automation agents provide comprehensive interoperation opportunities between the AIMSCO eCS application framework and equipment / external systems


Unidirectional transfer from an automation endpoint (equipment, IOT, external system) to the AIMSCO eCS results repository.

  • Typical applications: OPC line / environmental condition monitoring, weigh scales.
  • Benefits: Improve data accuracy, enables discovery of relationships between results and inputs for machine learning.


Bidirectional transfer, exchanging results and / or status information between an automation endpoint and the AIMSCO eCS repository.

  • Typical applications: ERP interface for order details and options download, results / status upload; serialized label printing with unit-specific results data per label.
  • Benefits: Minimize ERP licensing costs with user-friendly eCS front end; satisfy customer / compliance requirements for accurate line-side product labels and certificates.


Bidirectional transfer between an automation endpoint and eCS repository with start-stop and other control interactions as well as results collection and eCS settings / options sending.

  • Typical applications: Advanced equipment interfaces including testing, recipe management, material handling, feed forward / feed back.
  • Benefits: Intelligent results optimization through adaptive line condition / equipment settings based on ML findings.
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