AIMSCO Fall 2023 Updates


We’re pleased to announce features provided with AIMSCO’s Fall 2023 Release.  Important new features for our Messaging modules are now available.  New options for ERP integration are available as well as a variety of visual design enhancements.

Messages Enhancements

Notifications Available

Our updated Message Management feature now supports Notifications delivered by email and triggered by a variety of events, including defect occurrence, specific defect type / code, defect occurrence in a specific responsible area, and changes to eChecksheet version.


All Message components (Alerts, Bubble-ups, and Notifications) now support multiple selection for each level of the breadcrumb hierarchy.

New ERP / IoT Integration Options

New connectors are available providing direct import of detailed part master data from ERP through multiple delivery methods, including SFTP and Azure Data Lake Storage. Real-time addition of new eCheckitems to existing eChecksheets from ERP data source feeds is now available, with notifications available using the new Messaging component. Connected data sources supporting these features available include Microsoft Dynamics® and SAP. 

Visual Design 

Processing Tasks 

We’ve added a “Processing Tasks” alert as a bell icon in the upper right next to the user icon to show the status of long-running background tasks like Model Management update processing.

Integration Web Hook Status

We’ve added a red-green status icon to the left of the trend chart icon for eCheckitems that receive data directly from an Integration Web Hook, providing operator visibility to issues with automated connections to equipment or ERP data sources that can directly driving eChecksheet data population.

For additional details on the features and functionality available with these new features, please contact 

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