Going Paperless with eChecksheets

Learn how to start your digital transformation to a paperless Continuous Improvement environment.  For decades, inspired by Ishikawa, paper checksheets have been the backbone of shop floor data collection.  With the digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0, AIMSCO’s eChecksheets take continuous improvement into the 21st century.

Featuring faster, smarter, and better-than paper capabilities, eChecksheets provide unparalleled ease of use in a familiar but modern format to shop floor associates.  Combined manual and automated IoT sources enrich and expand the reach of results capture.  Engineers benefit from high productivity authoring and content management to drive operational change and leverage real-time results.  Plant management enjoys full visibility through the AIMSCO Power Plant service, giving interactive advanced analytics with self-service, no-code ease.

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Better, Smarter and Faster‑Than‑Paper

Virtual Product Tour

AIMSCO clients have won multiple awards, including IndustryWeek Plant of the Year. Join us for a virtual product tour to learn how AIMSCO can help you achieve world-class results.

AIMSCO Integrator™ Training

Learn how to connect your AIMSCO implementation with equipment, devices and enterprise applications, using API’s, web hooks and automation agents.

Dashboards and Scorecards Virtual Workshop

Learn how to enable embedded dashboards, displays, alerts, and scorecards that provide users from shop floor to top floor with real-time access to critical decision-making tools. Minimal IT resources are needed to get up and running, often just a network connection and computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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